Pedilochilus subalpinum

Pedilochilus subalpinum P.Royen, Alp. Fl. New Guinea 2 (1979) 267, fig. 94

Type: Balgooy, van 590 (holo K; iso L)

Small, 7-10 cm high herb, epiphytic or terrestrial. Rhizomes short, creeping. Pseudobulbs glabrous, close together, at right angle to rhizomes, ovoid, 5-8 by 3-5 mm. Leaves erect, coriaceous, glabrous, lanceolate, lanceolate-elliptic, or slightly obovate-lanceolate, 3.5-7 by 0.4-0.7 cm, acute or acuminate, at base petiole-like narrowed, midrib grooved above, prominent below, lateral nerves c. 3 on either side of midrib, prominent on underside only, margin thin, subrevolute. Inflorescence solitary. Peduncle-3.5-11 cm long, at base with 3 bracts, these ovate, 4 mm long, acute, and one tubular, up to 12 mm long, obliquely truncate. Floral bract glabrous, widely ovate, 9 by 3 mm large, cucullate and apiculate. Pedicels purple., glabrous, 12-20 mm long. Ovary glabrous, obliquely conoid, 6-7 mm long, 6-grooved. Median sepal pilose on either side and along margins, but denser so in basal parts, lanceolate or narrowly elliptic, 17-19 by 5-6 mm, acute, 3-nerved, margin wavy. Lateral sepals subdensely puberulous on outside, less towards tip, scattered finely puberulous on inside, broadly oblong-elliptic, 20-23 by 8-10 mm, acuminate, oblique, narrowed and saccate at base, 5-nerved. Lateral petals glabrous, sigmoid-arcuate, 8-10 by 3 mm, folded, with the lower wing wider than the upper, falcate-curved and acute at tip, margin of upper wing involute, 1-nerved. Lip glabrous, 15-18 by 7-10 mm, narrowly obovoid in outline, epichilium hookshaped, 2.5 mm long, obtuse, mesochilium 13-15 by 7-10 mm, 5-nerved, midrib crested on upper side in basal part only, hypochilium at tip with 2 lateral falcate-oblong, 1.21.5 mm long, obtuse appendages, between these a lamellar appendage and thickened in the middle. Column slender, slightly curved, 2.5-3 mm long, clinandrium entire. Stelidia subulate, flattened at base, 1.5 mm long, slightly curved. Anther cucullate, 1 mm long, connective thickened, 2-lobed at base, retuse at tip, densely appressed papillate on connective only. Pollinia not seen. Column-foot slender, slightly curved forward, slightly compressed, transversely crested at tip. Capsule not seen. (After van Royen, 1979)

Colours: Flower yellowish green, densely purple spotted or creamy yellow, lip yellow or orange-yellow at tip or along margins, lateral petals purple, sometimes entire flower yellow.

Habitat: Epiphyte.

Distribution: Malesia (New Guinea).

Distribution in New Guinea: Papua New Guinea; see map 534-35M.jpg.

Cultivation: Cool growing epiphyte, requires light position.