Section Fugacia

Dendrobium section Fugacia J.J.Sm.,
Orchid. Java (1905) 343 .

Rhizome short, creeping. Pseudobulbs elongated, with several internodes, clavate, more or less quadrangular in cross-section, very narrow at the base, usually 2-leaved at apex, sometimes 1- or up to 5-leaved. Leaves not sheathing at the base, glabrous. Inflorescences from a cavity in the upper part of the stem, or terminal, short, 1- to few-flowered. Flowers medium-sized to large, resupinate, ephemeral, sometimes showy. Mentum short. Lip mobile.

Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea. About 7 species; in New Guinea 2 species.

Epiphytes in lowland and lower montane forest.

This small section consists of plants with club-shaped pseudobulbs that carry only a few leaves at the apex. The flowers are rather pretty but short-lived. They are characterised by the delicately hinged lip, a feature more commonly seen in Bulbophyllum than in Dendrobium. The affinities of this section are not at all clear.