Dendrobium andersonianum

Dendrobium andersonianum F.M.Bailey, Queensland Agric. J. 9 (1901) 412.

Type: Anderson s.n. (British New Guinea) (holo BRI).

Notes: Having examined the type of Dendrobium andersonianum, Cribb (1986) suggests that it is a hybrid of Dendrobium antennatum and Dendrobium lineale. It has the narrow acute petals, mentum shape and 5-ridged callus of the former but lip shape, undulate sepals, column structure and bracts of the latter. The central one or three callus ridges are slightly raised at the apex.

If this parentage is correct then Dendrobium andersonianum must be considered synonymous with and take precedence over Dendrobium x schumannianum.

Cribb (1986) mentions several other collections of this hybrid, all probably from eastern New Guinea.

Cultivation: Warm growing epiphyte.