Dendrobium lanceolatum

Dendrobium lanceolatum Gaudich. in Freyc., Voy. Uranie, Bot. (1826) 423.

Type: Freycinet s.n. (Rawak) (holo P).

Distribution: New Guinea (Rawak (=Lawak) Island).

Notes: According to P. Ormerod, who has seen a photograph of the type specimen, this agrees with the taxon that is called Dendrobium lancifolium var. papuanum (which we do not consider distinct from Dendrobium lancifolium). The vague and very short original description mentions an 'erect, radical inflorescence,' which must be a rather incomprehensible error, as D. lancifolium clearly has patent lateral inflorescences arising well above the base of the stems. It seems best, in our opinion, to treat D. lanceolatum as a dubious name which is not to take priority over the well-known Dendrobium lancifolium.