Dendrobium navicula

Dendrobium navicula Kraenzl., in Engl., Pflanzenr. IV. 50. II. B. 21 (1910) 129.

Type: Micholitz s.n. (Milne Bay) (syn HBG); ? Chalmers or Copeland King s.n. (syn B, lost).

Stems slender, weakly flexuose, 20-30 cm long. Leaves oblong to oblong-lanceolate, 5-6 by 1.5-2 cm. Inflorescences short, racemose, to 8-flowered. Floral bracts broadly ovate, 3-4 mm long, apex acute. Flowers c. 3.5 cm long. Dorsal sepal oblong-lanceolate, 1.2 cm long, apex obtusely acute. Lateral sepals obtusely triangular, mentum twice as long as the free part, slightly curved, half-closed in front, obtuse. Petals oblong-lanceolate, 1.2 cm long, apex obtusely acute. Lip boat-shaped to elongate-saccate, apical margin denticulate, with a subulate apicule. Column very short, broad, stelidia large, lobulate, filament short.
(after Kraenzlin, 1910).

Colours: Flower rose-red.

Habitat: Not known.

Flowering time in the wild: February.

Distribution: New Guinea (endemic).

Distribution in New Guinea: Papua New Guinea (Milne Bay Province).

Notes: Judging from the very sketchy description this may be referable to Dendrobium lawesii.