Eria bogoriensis kurokawae

Eria bogoriensis J.J.Sm. var. kurokawae T.Hashim., Ann. Tsukuba Bot. Gard. 7 (1988) 165

Type: Tsukuba cult. (Hashimoto TNS 9504144) 56098 (holo TNS)

This variety differs from the typical variety by having longer floral bracts (0.25-0.5 cm long) and sepals which are more or less pubescent on the outer surfaces. (After Hashimoto, 1988).

Colours: Not recorded, presumably white with a red-purple column apex, as in Eria bogoriensis J.J.Sm. var. bogoriensis.

Habitat: Epiphyte.

Flowering time in the wild: Not known

Distribution: Malesia (New Guinea, endemic).

Distribution in New Guinea: Papua New Guinea.

Cultivation: Epiphyte.

Note: The occurence of a species of section Urostachya in New Guinea appears doubtful. It was described from a cultivated plant of which the exact collecting locality was not known. We suspect it may not have been from New Guinea.