Bulbophyllum densibulbum

Bulbophyllum densibulbum W.Kittr., Bot. Mus. Leafl. 30 (1984, publ. 1985) 99 (nom. nov.)

Basionym: Bulbophyllum cylindrocarpum Schltr.

Epiphyte, 14-16 cm high. Rhizome short. Roots filiform, flexuose, slender, glabrous. Pseudobulbs crowded, very small, cylindrical; 1-leaved, 1.3-1.5 by 0.3 cm below the middle; base somewhat dilated. Leaf erect, narrowly ligulate, subobtuse, narrowed, coriaceous, including the petiole 11-14 by 1-1.3 cm near the middle; base gradually narrowed into the short, channelled, 1-1.5 cm long petiole. Inflorescences 1-flowered, solitary, from near the base of the pseudobulbs, erect; peduncle short, 0.8 cm long, with a few small peduncle-scales. Floral bracts tubular, apiculate, many times shorter than the long pedicellate ovary. Flower suberect. Median sepal lanceolate, subobtuse, glabrous, c. 1 cm long. Lateral sepals obliquely lanceolate-ligulate, subobtuse, glabrous, c. 1.2 cm long. Petals obliquely lanceolate-ligulate, subobtuse, to the apex minutely papillose, slightly curved, 1-nerved, 0.3 cm long. Lip fleshy narrowly tongue-shaped, subobtuse; based ovate-cordate; apex slightly sinuate; underneath high keeled. Column suberect, 0.3 cm long; stelidia obliquely subulate, the lower margins subdentate, medium size; column-foot incurved, 0.25 mm long. Ovary narrowly cylindrical, very long pedicellate, including the pedicel c. 3.7 cm long. Fruit narrowly cylindrical, with persistent withered perianth. (After Schlechter, 1919)

Colours: Not recorded.

Distribution: Malesia (New Guinea).

Distribution in New Guinea: .