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The authors would first of all like to thank the following organisations without whose continued sponsorship and confidence the present CD-ROM would not have materialised:

Cheng Kim Loke Foundation (

Pacific Biological Foundation (

Conservation International (

The Van Tienhoven Stichting ( funded a major part of the costs of digitising slides for Volume I, many of which are also included on the present volume.

The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) funded part of the field work of E.F. de Vogel.

Furthermore we gratefully acknowledge the following organisations and individuals for their valuable contributions:

The Hortus botanicus Leiden for the use of their living collections and facilities and for taking up and maintenance of the vast collections of live orchids collected by this project in New Guinea.

Mr. A. Vogel and after his retirement Mr. R. van Vugt and their staff at the Hortus botanicus Leiden, for expertly growing many of the plants illustrated here.

The National Capital Botanic Garden, Port Moresby, for sharing facilities, cooperating in field work and the loan of slides.

Mr. W. Bandisch, from NCBG Port Moresby and later as private person for his support of this project through his beautiful website:, for organising the first field trips and for participating in several of these, which was extremely valuable to get experience in this country.

Ms. J. Raka, staff, and later managing Director of NCBG Port Moresby for partly organising and for participating in several field trips.

The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew (K), for the free use of their vast resources, including slides and publications. In particular we thank Dr. P.J. Cribb for his unfailing support of this project.

The Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh (E), for putting their precious collection of New Guinea orchid slides at our disposal and for allowing us to reproduce texts.

The Schweizerische Orchideenstiftung, for making photographs of specimens from the Jany Renz herbarium available.

The Vereinigung Deutscher Orchideenfreunde e.V. for donating a slide scanner and feeder.

Mr. P. Hartog, for digitising about 2100 pencil drawings from the archive of J.J. Smith as well as the majority of Schlechter's published drawings.

N.H.S Howcroft, Mutsuko Nakajima and P. O'Byrne for allowing us to use their fine drawings.

Dr. A. Allison, Dr. R.J. Johns and Drs. R. de Vos for putting their databases of georeferenced collecting localities in New Guinea at our disposal. Dr. W. Vink assisted with georeferencing a number of collecting localities.

Mrs. J. Levy for her generous donation to cover part of the costs of digitising slides.

Mr. R. Neirynck, for editing a very large number of digitised slides from the Jongejan collection.

Mr. M.W. Nieuwenhuysen for digitising part of Schlechter's published drawings.

 Mr. P. Ormerod, for liberally sharing the unpublished results of his wide-ranging studies into the orchids of New Guinea.

Dr. R. Jenny, for enabling us to use his LITBUL database (now available on the internet: extensive database is undoubtedly the best current source for literature on orchids.

Mr. L. Willemse, for making available the database and images of the type specimens held at the Nationaal Herbarium Nederland (L), now Naturalis iodiversity Center. See also the website of the NHN type specimens:

Dr. Irawati, director of Herbarium Bogoriense (BO), for permission to photograph and reproduce type specimens.

The directors of the herbaria at the Bristish Museum (BM) and Brisbane (BRI) for permission to photograph and reproduce type specimens.

Mr. S. Koeltz, for allowing us to reproduce drawings from P. van Royen's Alpine Flora of New Guinea (van Royen, 1979).

The following individuals kindly made their often unique slides or digital images available for the present volume:

W. Baker

J. Beaman 

P. Bruggeman 

the late J. Comber

J. Cootes

P. J. Cribb

the late N. E. G. Cruttwell

E.F. de Vogel

Ms. Dwi Murti Puspitaningtyas 

H. Gunn

W. Harris

N.S.H. Howcroft

P. Jongejan (stereo slides now at Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew)

B. Kieft 

A. Kocyan

J. Meijvogel

the late Mrs. M. Mendum

C. Nanuk


M. Perry

T.M. Reeve

Ms. T. Roelfsema 

Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh

Royal Botanic Gardens Kew

A. Schuiteman

G. Stocker

M.M.J. van Balgooy 

the late J. van Bodegom 

J. van Valkenburg

J. J. Vermeulen

A. Vogel

L. Y. Th. Westra

J.J. Wood 

We thank the staff at ETI (now Naturalis Biodiversity Center) for producing and supporting the Linnaeus II software that enabled us to present all these data in a coherent and attractive way on CD-ROMs, and for developing a web-based version Linnaeus New Generation in which this website is produced.

The authors are grateful to all who have contributed in any way to the CD-ROMs and this website. We would welcome corrections and suggestions for improvements, and in particular we would be happy to receive colour slides, photographs or good digital images of species not illustrated here.