Bulbophyllum dijkstalianum

Bulbophyllum dijkstalianum J.J.Verm., de Vogel & A.Vogel, Blumea (2010) [in press]

Type: Perry 119 (holo LAE; iso L), Indonesia (Papua)

Roots: most emerging close to the base of the rhizome. Rhizome stiffly patent, up to 20 cm long, up to 6 mm diam., sections between pseudobulbs up to 2.2 cm long, bracts persistent, slightly fibrous. Pseudobulbs ellipsoid to ovoid, up to 3 by 1.5 cm. Leaf with petiole up to 5 mm, blade ovate, up to 6 by 4 cm, index (length/width) c. 1.5; acute, abaxially glabrous. Inflorescence 1-flowered. Flowers opening wide. Pedicel and ovary c. 10 mm long. Median sepal somewhat recurved, ovate, c. 12 by 6 mm, index c. 2; acute, margins entire, base broadly attached; thick, glabrous. Lateral sepals as the median, but oblique, recurved, c. 13 by 6.5 mm. Petals recurved, obliquely triangular, c. 3 by 3 mm excluding appendages, index c. 1; margins with 3 similar appendages, thick; appendages ovoid to ellipsoid, 3.2-4 by 1-1.2 mm, abruptly narrowing into a flattened stalk of 1-1.8 mm long, rather abruptly narrowing towards a caudate tip, papillose. Lip somewhat recurved, ovate-triangular, c. 4.5 by 2 mm, index 2.2-2.3 (all without artificial spreading); subacute, margins entire, glabrous; thick; adaxially concave proximally, the erect margins slightly spreading the slightly converging; with 2 narrow ridges running approx. parallel close to the median line, furrow in between distally converting in a row of irregular pits; surface glabrous; abaxially convex and laterally somewhat extending beyond the margins, surface papillose proximally. Column c. 2 mm long, stigma narrowly elliptic, without callus at the base, column foot without teeth near the tip. Stelidia porrect, deltoid, c. 0.3 mm long, rounded, with a minute, obliquely triangular, obtuse tooth just below the tip, and an antrorse, triangular, subacute tooth much lower down. Anther abaxially with a slight crest, surface approx. glabrous, front margin drawn out into a rounded beak with erose margins. Pollinia 4; ovoid, without appendage, the inner somewhat more than 0.5? as long as the outer. (After Vermeulen et al., in press)

Colours: Leaves dark green, slightly suffused with purple. Sepals pale yellowish, densely spotted with red. Petals cream-coloured, distally with some red spots, appendages dark red. Lip dark red, base pale yellowish.

Distribution: New Guinea.

Distribution in New Guinea: Papua (Indonesia).