Bulbophyllum intonsum

Bulbophyllum intonsum J.J.Verm., Nordic J. Bot. 26 (2008) 191, fig. 34

Type: Leiden cult. 32162 (holo L), from PNG, Karawari River basin

Roots sprouting near the base of the rhizome, growing backwards along it until reaching the substrate. Rhizome up to 18 cm long, 1.5-1.7 mm in diameter, sections between pseudobulbs 0.8-1.2 cm long, patent to pendulous, bracts rather persistent. Pseudobulbs 0.7-1.0 by 0.3-0.4 cm, porrect, distant, cylindrical-obovoid, the new shoot arising 3-4 mm from the top of the pseudobulb. Leaves sessile, blade 3.6-4.8 by 1.9-2.7 cm, index (length/width) 2.1-2.7, ovate, acute. Inflorescence c. 2.5 cm long, 1-flowered; peduncle c. 1 cm long, porrect; non-floriferous bracts 2, the longest c. 4.3 mm long; floral bract c. 3.2 mm long, tubular, acute. Flowers moderately opening. Pedicel-and-ovary c. 6 mm long, basal node on a c. 2 mm long stump. Dorsal sepal c. 9.5 by 2.2 mm, index c. 4.3, recurved, ovate, acuminate, margins entire, base rather broadly attached, rather thick, surface glabrous. Lateral sepals c. 9.8 by 2.3 mm, index 4.2-4.3, free, ovate-triangular, base broadly attached, otherwise as the dorsal sepal. Petals c. 2 by 0.9 mm, index c. 2.2, porrect, ovate, obtuse, margins slightly and finely erose, base rather broadly attached, rather thin, surface glabrous. Lip c. 6.5 by 1.1 mm, index c. 5.9, recurved at a quarter of its length, ovate, subacute, margins distinctly ciliate except near the base, thick; adaxially concave in the proximal quarter of its length, with a somewhat convex, elliptic callus starting at a quarter and ending at about half of its length, surface convex distally, glabrous except for a patch of short hairs next to and proximal of the callus; abaxially convex, deeply furrowed distally, surface long-hairy except near the base. Column c. 3.2 mm long; stigma ovate, without keels inside; foot widened and with patent, rounded lateral teeth just above the ligament; stelidia c. 1.8 mm long, slightly downwards falcate, triangular-subulate, acute; rostellum not protruding: anther-cap abaxially with a crest, surface more or less glabrous, front margin drawn out into a rounded beak; pollinia 4, more or less obovoid, all moderately flattened, the inner slightly shorter than the outer; no appendages. (After Vermeulen, 2008)

Colours: Not recorded.

Distribution: Malesia (New Guinea).

Distribution in New Guinea: Papua New Guinea; Papua New Guinea; see map 96-2282M.jpg.