Dendrobium jennyanum

Dendrobium jennyanum Kraenzl., Gard. Chron. (1896, II) 329.

Type: Zollinger-Jenny cult. s.n. (holo HBG).

Stems somewhat thickened above the base, to more than 160 cm by 20-30 mm. Leaves oblong, 10-12 by 6 cm, apex obtuse. Inflorescences racemose, elongated, laxly 25-30-flowered. Floral bracts minute, much shorter than the pedicel with ovary. Pedicel 3 cm long, ovary 0.5 cm long. Flowers c. 6 cm long. Dorsal sepal ligulate, 3 cm by 5 mm, apex acute. Lateral sepals triangular, twisted in apical third, apex acute; mentum obtuse, open in front. Petals gradually widened from the base, linear-oblong, 4 cm long, half twisted, apex acute. Lip 3-lobed, 3 by 1.8 cm, with 3 keels, the lateral keels much shorter than the median; lateral lobes spreading, semiobovate, rounded; midlobe transversely oblong, 0.6 by 1.2 cm, apiculate. Column with short stelidia. Anther in front with hyaline hairs.
(after Kraenzlin, 1910).

Colours: Flower outside yellow, inside brownish, shiny, keels on the lip at base violet, near apex whitish.

Habitat: Not known.

Flowering time in the wild: Not known.

Distribution: ?New Guinea (origin uncertain).

Distribution in New Guinea: Not known.

Notes: A very imperfectly known species, not included in the key to the species of section Spatulata. It should be compared with Dendrobium odoardii and will have priority over that name if proven to be conspecific.