Dendrobium wolterianum

Dendrobium wolterianum Schltr., Orchis 6 (1912) 65, pl. 12 c, fig. 17-24.

Type: Wolter cult. (Schmidt) s.n. (II-1912, New Guinea) (holo B, lost).

Rhizome short. Stems cylindrical, tapering to base and apex, 15 cm by 10 mm, 4-6-leaved. Leaves not seen. Inflorescences from defoliated stems, racemose, 2 cm long; peduncle very short, many-flowered. Floral bracts lanceolate, apex acuminate, less than half as long as the ovary with pedicel. Pedicel and ovary 0.8 cm long, glabrous. Flowers c. 1 cm long. Dorsal sepal ovate-oblong, 0.55 cm by 1 mm, apex narrowly obtuse. Lateral sepals obliquely ovate, 0.55 cm long, apex acuminate; mentum obliquely conical, slightly curved, c. 0.6 cm long, obtuse. Petals obliquely elliptic, a little shorter than the sepals, margins in upper half minutely serrulate, apex apiculate. Lip at the base ligulate, slightly contracted in the middle, upper part dilated, elliptic, apiculate, 1.1 by 0.28 cm, below the middle with a low transverse lamella, margins in apical part minutely ciliolate-denticulate. Column short, stelidia obliquely quadrangular-rounded, truncate, filament shorter, tooth-like; column-foot rather long, in apical half with an oblong cavity. Anther subquadrate-cucullate, in front truncate.
(after Schlechter, 1912).

Colours: Flower rose-red.

Habitat: Not known.

Flowering time in the wild: Not known.

Distribution: New Guinea (endemic).

Distribution in New Guinea: Locality not known.

Notes: Dendrobium wolterianum is somewhat similar to Dendrobium capituliflorum, but clearly different in the flower colour, which is always greenish in the latter.