Section Gongorodes

Bulbophyllum section Gongorodes J.J.Sm., Bull. Jard. Bot. Buitenzorg, sér. 2, 13 (1914) 35

Rather small to medium-sized epiphytes. Rhizomes creeping. Pseudobulbs conspicuous compared to the size of the plant, 1-leafed. Leaves persistent, thick, veins inconspicuous. Inflorescences racemose with flowers spirally arranged. Peduncle somewhat shorter to somewhat longer than the leaves. Rachis not thickened. Flowers per inflorescence all open simultaneously; floral bracts not amplexicaul; pedicel with the basal node level with the attachment of the floral bract, longer than the ovary. Sepals free; the laterals 1.4— 2.3 times as long as the median; 27— 37 mm long, elliptic to ovate-triangular, the lateral with a tooth along the upper margin in the proximal half; acute, margins entire, glabrous; rather thin to thick, 3— 7-veined, surface glabrous. Petals 8— 9 mm long, (ob-)ovate, top either widened, 3-denticulate or sharply folded twice, outwards and inwards respectively, margins erose, glabrous; thin, 1— 3-veined, surface glabrous. Lip mobile on a thin ligament, undivided, 5.7— 9 mm long, ovate-triangular, margins entire, glabrous; adaxially with a deep median slit in which a low and narrow median ridge, with 2 more high, approx. parallel, approx. glabrous to papillose ridges over most of its length, adaxial surface glabrous to finely transversely wrinkled; abaxial surface glabrous. Column with rostellum front receding in between the stelidia tips, stigma large, rounded, without keels inside, proximally not protruding, column foot with a conspicuous free part, elongated so that a wide gap exists between the petals and the lateral sepals, widening into 2 diverging teeth at the ligament. Stelidia shorter than 1/2 of the length of the column, approx. triangular, subacute, with or without a slight tooth along the upper margin, with a deltoid to oblong, rounded wing or tooth along the lower (a small, triangular, acute tooth in front of this in Bulbophyllum digitatum). Anther abaxially with aor without a low, rounded median ridge, front somewhat concave, front margin somewhat drawn out or not. Pollinia 4, without appendages.

New Guinea: 2 taxa (2 names). Endemic.

Little information is available about the vegetative parts.

The following taxa in this program belong to this Section:
Bulbophyllum digitatum
Bulbophyllum scorpio