Bulbophyllum myodes

Bulbophyllum myodes J.J.Verm., Nordic J. Bot. 26 (2008) 151, fig. 13

Type: Reeve 6601 (holo L), from PNG, Porgera District

Roots along the entire rhizome. Rhizome 2.5-6 mm in diameter, sections between pseudobulbs 11.5-18 (-?30) cm long, bract fibres somewhat persistent. Pseudobulbs 3.5-8 by 0.4-0.8 cm, distant, more or less cylindrical. Leaves: petiole 2.5-4 cm long; blade 9.5-19 by 3-6.5 cm, index (length/width) 1.7-3.7, elliptic to obovate, acute. Inflorescence 6-12 cm long, patent, 1-flowered or a 2-flowered subumbellate raceme; peduncle 3.5-5 cm; non-floriferous bracts c. 6, the longest 9-17 mm long; floral bracts 11-17 by 10-14 mm, ovate, acute. Flowers resupinate, not fully opening. Pedicel-with-ovary 7-10 mm long, basal node more or less flush with the surface of the rachis; ovary densely papillose, ovary ribs rounded, straight. Dorsal sepal 25-26 by 8.5-9 mm, index c. 2.9, more or less porrect, elliptic to ovate, acuminate, margins entire, base rather narrowly attached, rather thin, glabrous. Lateral sepals 27-29 by 13-14 mm, index c. 2, free, oblique, recurved, triangular, base broadly attached, otherwise as the dorsal sepal. Petals 15-16 by 5-7 mm, index 2.2-3, more or less porrect, elliptic, acuminate, margins entire, base rather narrowly attached, rather thin, glabrous. Lip 12-14 by c. 5 mm, index 1.4-2.4 (not flattened), recurved in the basal half, ovate, rounded, margins entire, very thick; adaxially concave near the base, with 2 distinct, parallel, narrow, obtuse ridges running close to the margins over most of the length of the lip, top part convex, surface smooth but ridges proximally papillose and distally with thick, club-shaped hairs up to 1-4 mm long; abaxially with a retuse median ridge up to half of the length of the lip, surface smooth. Column 4.5-6 mm long; stigma inside with three keels, at its base without teeth; foot without tooth just above the ligament; stelidia 2-2.7 mm long, triangular, acute, with or without a minute, antrorse, deltoid, subacute tooth along the upper margin, lower margin with a somewhat antrorse, (narrowly) triangular, (sub-)acute tooth c. half-way along the column or slightly below; anther-cap abaxially glabrous and with a narrow, obtuse crest towards the tip, front margin not drawn out, entire; pollinia 4, the inner slightly shorter than the outer and much more flattened, with a fleshy hamulus. (After Vermeulen, 2008)

Colours: Sepals and petals yellowish green or green with reddish purple spots and/or nerves, lip purplish red, yellow abaxially near the base and sometimes adaxially near the tip, hairs on lip white, column cream-coloured, foot stained with some reddish purple.

Flowering time in the wild: May, July.

Distribution: Malesia (New Guinea).

Distribution in New Guinea: Papua New Guinea; Papua New Guinea; see map 96-2334M.jpg.