Bulbophyllum wollastonii

Bulbophyllum wollastonii Ridl., Trans. Linn. Soc. London, Bot. 9 (1916) 179

Type: Kloss s.n. (Camp 6a, 3100 ft.) (holo BM)

Pseudobudbs close together, conical, 2 cm long; sheaths large, ovate, papery, keeled mucronate, 2 by 1.5 cm. Leaf lanceolate, acute, acuminate, subcoriaceous, pale green when dried, keeled, 14.5 by 3 cm; to the base narrowed. Inflorescence 1 cm long. Flower solitary. Median sepal lanceolate, acute, 1 by 2 mm. Lateral sepals lanceolate, acute, slightly falcate, subsimilar to median sepal, somewhat wider, when dried with many ribs. Petals 0.4 cm long, broadly lanceolate, ovate, acuminate, keeled, punctate. Lip short, fleshy, curved, tongue-shaped, papillose, purple. Column for section tall, thick; column-foot short; stelidia broadly linear, obtuse, about as long as the petals. Anther ovate, keeled, keel and papilla in the apex indistinct. (After Vermeulen, 1982)

Colours: Not recorded.

Habitat: Epiphyte in lower montane forest; 759 m.

Distribution: Malesia (New Guinea).

Distribution in New Guinea: Papua (Indonesia); Papua New Guinea (not shown on map); see map 96-1997M.jpg.

Cultivation: Intermediate growing epiphyte.