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This website treats all orchid genera and species recognised to occur on the island of New Guinea till 2010. The authors sincerely hope that this website will contribute to the conservation of nature on that wonderful island , by displaying some of its finest treasures. 

This website includes: 133 genera, 2.716 species and 51 taxa at lower rank, and 15.900 illustrationsAll taxa are described and where possible illustrated. It is based on a series of 6 CD-ROM's published between 2001 and 2010, under the name Flora Malesiana: Orchids of New Guinea, co-authored by André Schuiteman & Ed de Vogelthe 6th CD had as third co-author Jaap Vermeulen. Their ISBN numbers are respectively: 90-75000-20-0, 90-75000-43-x, 90-75000-61-8, 90-75000-99-5, 978-90-75000-93-1 and 9789490137069


This website is made public while not all introduction chapters have been written, these will be added soon. We also realise that it still contains some flaws. We invite all readers who encounter mistakes or links that do not work to inform the first author through eduard.devogel@naturalis.nl

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Flora Malesiana: Orchids of New Guinea.

Ed de Vogel, Jaap Vermeulen & André Schuiteman

Naturalis Biodiversity Center (Department of Botany)
The Netherlands


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