Bulbophyllum hengstumianum

Bulbophyllum hengstumianum J.J.Verm., de Vogel & A.Vogel, Blumea 55 (2010) 278, fig. 2

Type: Leiden cult. 20080232 (holo LAE; iso L), from PNG, New Britain

Roots tufted below each pseudobulb. Rhizome long-creeping, to 2 mm diam., sections between pseudobulbs up to 5.8 cm long, bracts persistent, slightly fibrous. Pseudobulbs flattened-ovoid, to approx. lenticular, to 0.7 by 1 cm. Leaf with petiole up to 3 mm, blade ovate, up to 4.3 by 2 cm, index (length/width) 1.6-2.5; acute. Inflorescence c. 25 cm long, a lax c. 10-flowered raceme. Peduncle c. 15 cm long, bracts c. 4, the longest c. 5 mm long. Rhachis somewhat nodding, c. 10 cm long. Floral bracts c. 3 mm, acute. Flowers moderately opening. Pedicel and ovary 5-7 mm long, basal node on a c. 1 mm-long stump. Median sepal free, almost porrect, without folds along the midvein, ovate, c. 6 by 3.5 mm, index c. 1.7; acute, margins entire, base broadly attached; rather thin, glabrous. Lateral sepals as the median, but adnate along the lower margins, oblique, somewhat recurved, c. 7.5 by 3 mm, index c. 2.5. Petals porrect, ovate-oblong, c. 2.5 by 2.1 mm, index c. 1.2; margins entire; rather thin, glabrous. Lip recurved, ovate, c. 1.2 by 1 mm, index c. 1.2 (all without artificial spreading); rounded, margins finely papillose locally, thick, surface finely papillose locally; adaxially concave proximally, with two keels starting close to the margins, then converging until they merge into a median callus; abaxially with a short, truncate median ridge. Column c. 1 mm long, stigma elliptic, with a distinct tooth at the base, column foot without teeth near the tip. Stelidia slightly upwards falcate, triangular, c. 0.5 mm long, subacute, with a deltoid, obtuse tooth along the lower margin. Anther abaxially without a crest, surface approx. glabrous, front margin drawn out into a triangular, acute beak. Pollinia 4; ovoid, without appendage, the inner minute. (After Vermeulen et al., in press)

Colours: Sepals red, yellowish towards the margins. Petals yellow, midvein red. Lip red, proximally yellow towards the margins.

Habitat: Epiphyte in lowland forest; 275 m.

Distribution: New Guinea.

Distribution in New Guinea: Papua New Guinea; see map 96-2361M.jpg.

Cultivation: Warm growing epiphyte.