Dendrobium lobbii

Dendrobium lobbii Teijsm. & Binn., Natuurk. Tijdschr. Ned.-Indië 5 (1853) 491.

Type: Bogor cult. (Lobb) s.n. (Singapore) (holo BO).

Rhizome creeping, roots elongated, filiform, flexuose, glabrous. Stems erect, slightly laterally compressed, unbranched, rather rigid, 40-70 cm by 2-3 mm, many-leaved, becoming bare as the leaf sheaths wither away, shiny. Leaf sheaths 0.2-0.3 cm, sparsely covered with blackish brown hairs. Leaves erect to suberect, linear-ligulate, 1.5-3.5 by 0.2-0.3 cm, apex deeply incised, unequally and subacutely bilobulate, coriaceous. Inflorescences arising laterally from the stem, pendulous, sessile, 1- or 2-flowered. Pedicel and ovary 0.7 cm long, clavate, glabrous. Flowers not resupinated, c. 1 cm across. Dorsal sepal ovate, 0.6 cm long, apex acute. Lateral sepals obliquely ovate, much widened at the base, 0.6 cm long, apex acute; mentum spur-like, conical, 0.5 cm long. Petals obliquely linear-subspathulate, 0.6 cm long, apex obliquely shortly acuminate. Lip 3-lobed, 1.2 cm long, long cuneate-clawed at the base; lateral lobes small, lanceolate, acute; midlobe much larger, subquadrangular-cuneate, with two indistinct thickened median lines, apex truncate-obtuse. Column short, clinandrium dorsally with a sharp tooth; column-foot 0.5 cm long. Anther obcuneate-cucullate, in front obtuse, glabrous.
(after Schlechter, 1905 - as Dendrobium paludicola).

Colours: Sepals and petals olive-brown, lip white.

Habitat: Terrestrial in open peaty places. Altitude 200 to 1900 m.

Flowering time in the wild: January, March, May-July, September, November.

Distribution: Thailand, Vietnam, Peninsular Malaysia, Singapore, Sumatra, Borneo, Sulawesi, New Guinea, Australia, Solomon Islands.

Distribution in New Guinea: Papua (Manokwari, Jayapura, and Jaya Wijaya Regencies); Papua New Guinea (Sandaun, Morobe, and Eastern Highlands Provinces).

Notes: Dendrobium lobbii is an inconspicuous terrestrial orchid with very slender, branching, erect stems (the branches also being erect), the leaf-sheaths covered with blackish brown hairs. The small pendulous flowers are brownish with a white lip.

Cultivation: Warm to intermediate growing terrestrial, requires light but not too sunny position, and frequent waterings throughout the year.