Bulbophyllum cyclopense

Bulbophyllum cyclopense J.J.Sm., Bull. Jard. Bot. Buitenzorg, sér. 2, 3 (1912) 75

Type: Gjellerup 553 (holo BO)

Rhizome pendulous, only branched and rooting at the base, flexuose; sheaths tubular. Pseudobulbs 0.45-0.85 cm apart, elongated, subterete, to 0.75-1.5 cm long; basal part long adnate to the rhizome, upper part 0.25-0.6 cm long, appressed to the rhizome; underneath broadly channelled, 0.1 5-0.17 cm diam., with leaf vaginulis and sepals dorsally very minutely furfuraceous-punctate. Leaf oblong-lanceolate, subulate-acuminate, c. 3.5-4.3 by 0.45-0.58 cm; midrib above grooved, below prominent. Inflorescences from the nodes of the rhizome, very short, surrounded with small sheaths, probably producing several flowers in succession. Inflorescences 0.1 5 cm long. Floral bracts tubular-funnel-shaped, acuminate 0.1 5 cm long. Flowers 0.65-0.75 cm wide. Median sepal erect, somewhat sigmoid, oblong-elliptic, subulate-acuminate, concave, 3-nerved, 0.5. by 0.2 cm; apex slightly recurved. Lateral sepals divergent, obliquely oblong-triangular, acuminate, 3-nerved, 0.56 by 0.18 cm; apex concave. Petals very small, parallel to the column, porrect, falcate, obliquely oblong, 1-nerved, 0.2 by 0.08 cm; base narrow, upper side narrow at the base, dilating, the lower side at the base dilating abruptly; apex extending in a narrowly triangular, straight acute-acuminate top; margins except for the apex somewhat erose. Lip mobile, almost straight, 3-lobed, fleshy, 0.3 cm long; lateral lobes basal, erect, short, rather broad, at the back rounded, in front obtusely angled; mid-lobe porrect, ovate-oblong, subobtuse, convex, 0.23 by slightly more than 0.1 cm; underneath entirely hispid, outside except the margins hispidulis. Column 0.16 cm long; stelidia much longer than the anther, subulate-filiform, slightly falcate. Anther cucullate, subovate, obtuse, 0.05 cm long.; stigma longitudinal, oblong; column-foot making an acute angle with the ovary, straight, 0.1 cm long, the apex on either side dilated in a very small, rounded incurved lobule. Ovary 6-grooved, 0.1 cm long; pedicel 0.27 cm long, sigmoid above the base articulate. Fruit oblong-fusiform, c. 1 by 0.45 cm, with 6 wide grooves, ribs 6, strong, high, duplicate; pedicel thin 0.35 cm long. (After Smith, 1913)

Colours: Leaves dull green, below light violet-rose red. Flower brownish red.

Habitat: Epiphyte in montane forest; 1800 m.

Flowering time in the wild: June.

Distribution: Malesia (New Guinea).

Distribution in New Guinea: Papua (Indonesia); see map 96-455M.jpg.

Cultivation: Cool growing epiphyte.