Bulbophyllum stalagmotelos

Bulbophyllum stalagmotelos J.J.Verm., Nordic J. Bot. 26 (2008) 140, fig. 7

Type: Leiden cult. 920383 (holo L), from PNG

Roots sprouting mainly below or near the pseudobulbs. Rhizome 1.2-2 mm in diameter, sections between pseudobulbs 1.6-2.8 cm long, creeping, bracts little persistent. Pseudobulbs 1.4-2.2 by 0.8-1.3 cm, somewhat distant, ovoid. Leaves: petiole 0.4-1.2 cm long; blade 5.9-10.5 by1.4-2.9 cm, index (length/width) 3.1-4.2, elliptic(-ovate), acute. Inflorescence 4.9-5.4 cm long, 1-flowered; peduncle c. 3.7 cm long, erect to patent; non-floriferous bracts c. 2, the longest 3.7-4.5 mm long; floral bract c. 3.5 mm long, tubular, acuminate. Flowers widely opening. Pedicel-and-ovary c. 8 mm long, basal node on a c. 1 mm long stump. Dorsal sepal c. 8.5 by 3 mm, index 2.8-2.9, spreading, obovate, subacute, margins entire, base rather broadly attached, thin, surface adaxially slightly and very finely papillose, abaxially glabrous. Lateral sepals c. 7.5 by 3.7 mm, index c. 2, free, spreading to reflexed, obliquely elliptic, acute, base rather narrowly attached, otherwise as the dorsal sepal. Petals c. 1.8 by 0.7 mm, index c. 2.6, recurved, somewhat curved downwards near the base, ovate-triangular with a subacute edge proximally along the upper margin, subacute, margins entire, base broadly attached, thin, surface glabrous. Lip attached to the column-foot by a transverse, rather narrow area, little mobile, straight, consisting of an oblong proximal part c. 1.7 by0.9 mm and an much wider, elliptic distal part, lip altogether c. 4.7 by 2.4 mm, index c. 2, rounded, margins with two erect, triangular, obtuse, entire auricles proximally, touching the column face, margins erose distally, thick and spongy; adaxially with a transverse ridge just above the area of attachment, with the proximal part concave, glabrous, distally gradually passing into the convex, subglobular distal part, this part with the margins reflexed so that they leave only a narrow space in between, surface increasingly rugose-papillose towards the tip; abaxially convex proximally, elsewhere deeply concave, with a shallow median furrow, surface glabrous. Column c. 2 mm long, gently curved; stigma triangular, without keels inside, with a conical, obtuse callus well below it; foot widened into two thick more or less lateral calli just above the area of attachment; stelidia c. 0.4 mm long, deltoid, acute, with a small, deltoid, obtuse tooth along the upper margin, with a deltoid, apiculate tooth along the lower margin; anther-cap abaxially without a crest, surface finely papillose, front margin not drawn out; pollinia 4, obovoid, flat, the inner lying in the somewhat concave outer; no appendages. (After Vermeulen, 2008)

Colours: Sepals cream colour, densely covered with maroon blotches. Lip maroon. Column cream colour, in front red purple. Anther yellow.

Distribution: Malesia (New Guinea).

Distribution in New Guinea: Papua New Guinea.