Glomera inconspicua

Glomera inconspicua J.J.Sm., Nova Guinea 18 (1935) 27, pl. 6, 14

Type: Docters van Leeuwen 9069 (holo L; iso BO)

Stems crowded, branched, slender, in cross section elliptic, up to 23 cm long, internodes up to 0.4-0.5 cm long, roots thin, twisted. Leaves small, patent, ovate-lanceolate to oblong-ovate, narrowed towards the apex, obtuse, unequally obtusely bilobulate, at the base shortly petiolate-contracted, thick fleshy, on either side convex and sparsely punctate, 0.78-0.88 cm long (in spirit material), 0.25 cm to about 0.3 cm wide, petiole 0.01-0.07 cm long; sheaths tubular, equalling the internodes, longitudinally prominently veined, sparsely minutely verruculose and punctate, apex long ciliate, cilia unequal, thin, pale, erect to widely patent, up to 0.25 cm long. Inflorescence terminal, 1-flowered, spathe entire enveloping the ovary and mentum, surpassing the base of the median sepal, obliquely funnel-shaped, rounded, obtusely apiculate, outside long muriculate, furfuraceous-punctate, 3-nerved, membranous, 0.4 cm long. Floral bract similar to the spathe but narrower, subulate-acuminate, not muriculate, sparsely furfuraceous-punctate, 1-nerved, membranous, 0.4 cm long. Flower small, 0.6 cm wide. Sepals and petals widely patent. Median sepal oblong, obtuse, shortly apiculate, 3-nerved, 0.38 cm long, 0.15 cm wide. Lateral sepals shortly connate at the base, clasping the base of the spur, obliquely oblong, somewhat narrowed towards the apex, somewhat falcate, 3-nerved, along back margin 0.34 cm long, along front margin 0.4 cm long, 0.15 cm wide, obtuse, obtusely apiculate, apiculum sparsely denticulate. Petals divergent, obovate-lanceolate, apex narrowed, obtuse, almost flat, 3-nerved, 0.37 cm long, in apical part 0.13 cm wide. Lip long adnate to the column, long spurred, to the apex of the ovary 0.25 cm long, adnate part about 0.1 cm long, blade at the base with erect margins, concave, apex recurved, thickened but the thickening not abruptly terminating at the base, when flattened 3-lobed, 0.23 cm long, 0.23 cm wide, lateral lobes rounded, margins minutely irregular, making an obtuse angle with the mid-lobe, mid-lobe triangular, acute, 0.08 cm long, 0.1 cm wide; spur pointing backwards, appressed to the ovary, straight, cylindrical, obtuse, 0.23 cm long. Column short, thick, dorsally convex and in the middle somewhat constricted, in front largely adnate to the lip, 0.13 cm long, clinandrium transverse, hollow, back wall rounded, irregularly lacinulate, auricles tooth-like. Rostellum large, at first porrect and concave, later recurved with convex sides, somewhat shorter than the column. Stigma concave, lower margin strongly elongated, initially appressed to the rostellum, later recurved, margin broadly incurved, apex channeled, contracted, very minutely erose, thin membranous. Ovary rather thick, somewhat curved, 6-grooved, furfuraceous, 0.25 cm long; pedicel very short, 0.07 cm long. (After Smith, 1935)

Colours: Flower white.

Habitat: Epiphyte in lowland forest. Altitude 150 m.

Flowering time in the wild: May.

Distribution: Malesia (New Guinea, endemic).

Distribution in New Guinea: Papua (Indonesia). See map: 322-67M.JPG

Cultivation: Warm growing epiphyte.