Liparis pandaneti

Liparis pandaneti J.J.Sm., Nova Guinea 12, 1 (1913) 16; 8 (1909) 38, pl. 13, fig. 41

Type: Versteeg 1743 (syn BO, 2x); von Römer 156 (syn BO)

Rhizome creeping, branching, covered with tubular, acuminate, keeled sheaths that are longer than the internodes. Pseudobulbs 1.5-2 cm apart, very small, obliquely depressed, subobovoid, somewhat compressed, two-angular, 0.6-0.7 cm high, 0.75-0.85 cm diam., 1-leaved, at the base with a few large, tubular, acuminate, keeled, to 4-4.7 cm long sheaths. Leaf erect, linear, acute; above on either side of the mid-rib convex, mid-rib grooved above, keeled below, leaf at the base conduplicate, 20-26 by 0.83-0.6 cm. Inflorescence in upper part densely many-flowered, distichous, pectinate, producing flowers at intervals for a long time; peduncle ancipitous, 14-18 cm long, 0.1 cm wide; rachis compressed, with very short internodes, 1.5-3 cm long, across the bracts 0.85 cm wide. Floral bracts dense, patent, laterally compressed, acuminate, sharply acute, opening at the base, dorsally strongly keeled and slightly curved, 0.5-0.6 cm long. Flowers small, opening one at a time, 0.4 cm wide, 0.75 cm long, with reflexed sepals. Median sepal oblong-ovate, obtuse, dorsally shortly apiculate, convex, 3-nerved, 0.38 by 0.2 cm. Lateral sepals obliquely ovate, acuminate, with a conical apiculum, convex, dorsally keeled, 3-nerved, 0.46 by 0.27 cm. Petals erect, linear, almost spathulate, gradually dilated towards the apex, obtuse, minutely obtusely apiculate, 3-nerved, lateral nerves not extending to the base, 0.45 by 0.13 cm. Lip in the basal part erect and appressed to the column, at one third above the base abruptly decurved, at the base on either side with two folds, frontal fold above convex-inflated into a bend, lip at the base with a large, transverse, slightly longitudinally 3-lobed callus, in front of this with a smaller deeply bilobed callus, frontal part of the lip oblong-quadrangular, somewhat narrowed towards the apex, rounded, terminating in an obtuse apiculum, on either side of the longitudinal groove convex and above minutely papillose, when flattened in outline ovate, 0.37 by 0.3 cm. Column dorsally compressed, straight, towards the base on either side carnose-winged, in outline ovate-triangular, dorsally keeled, in front near the stigma with two parallel, acute, triangular wings that are slightly decurrent towards the base, between the wings channelled-concave, 0.23 cm long and wide, with very small rounded apical wings. Anther cucullate, broadly rounded-rostrate, in outline orbicular. Stigma small, transversely elliptic. Ovary pedicellate, , 1.2 cm long.(After Smith, 1913)

Colours: Flowers light orange, or dull brown-red with slightly darker red lip.

Habitat: Epiphyte on Pandanus in Metroxylon swamps.

Flowering time in the wild: September, October.

Distribution: Malesia (New Guinea, endemic).

Distribution in New Guinea: Papua (Indonesia). See map: 416-347M.JPG.

Cultivation: Warm growing epiphyte.