Thrixspermum validum

Thrixspermum validum J.J.Sm., Bull. Dép. Agric. Indes Néerl. 19 (1908) 37

Type: Versteeg 1724 (holo BO)

Stem stout, flexuose, internodes 1.75-2 cm long. Leaves oblong-strap-shaped, unequally obtuse, narrowed at the base, keeled, 14.5 by 3.3-3.6 cm; sheaths tubular, in cross-section elliptic. Inflorescences perforating the leaf sheaths dorsally near the base, very long; peduncle laterally flattened, ensiform, 20 cm long; peduncle-scales few, tubular, short; rachis laterally flattened, flexuose, sharply angled, many-flowered, producing flowers for a long time, 18 cm long, with comb-like floral bracts, 1.4-1.6 cm wide, internodes 0.4-0.5 cm long. Floral bracts in two alternating rows, patent, at the base clasping the rachis, triangular, strongly laterally flattened, strongly keeled, acute, concave, falcate, 0.8 cm long. Flowers opening singly in succession. Median sepal linear, acute, 5-7-nerved, 3.5 cm long, 0.25 cm wide. Lateral sepals obliquely linear, narrowed towards the apex, acute, at the base falcate-incurved, 5-7-nerved, 3.8 cm long, at the base 0.35 cm wide. Petals linear, sharply acute, concave, 3.5 cm long, 0.26 cm wide. Lip attached to the tip of the column-foot, not mobile, at the base saccate, 3-lobed, concave, minutely papillose, somewhat below the middle with a fleshy, subquadrangular, rounded-truncate, dorsally flattened, papillose callus, when spread 1.65 by 0.55 cm, when spread in outline broadly rhombic, 1.7 by 1.2 cm; sac short, broad, broadly obtuse, retuse, inside somewhat ribbed, papillose, 0.25 cm long; lateral lobes erect, broad, free tip very short, triangular, obtuse, somewhat recurved; mid-lobe porrect, much surpassing the lateral lobes, triangular, apex subacute, below very shortly conical-swollen, concave, fleshy, 0.6 cm long, at the base when not flattened 0.53 cm wide, when flattened 0.65 cm wide. Column very short, somewhat laterally flattened, fleshy, 0.24 cm long without the anther, auricles obtusely; rostellum very short; stigma small, deeply concave, transversely elliptic. Column-foot cum making a straight angle with the ovary, short, straight, fleshy, 0.25 cm long. Ovary 6-grooved, 1.9 cm long. Fruit sessile, 6-angular, with 3 grooves, 17 cm long. (After Smith, 1909)

Colours: Sepals and petals yellow, basal part of the lip light yellow with brown dots, mid-lobe white.

Habitat: Epiphyte in lowland forest; 50 to 110 m.

Flowering time in the wild: January, July, September, December.

Distribution: Malesia (Moluccas, New Guinea).

Distribution in New Guinea: Papua (Indonesia); Papua New Guinea. See map: 690-232M.JPG.

Cultivation: Warm growing epiphyte.