Bulbophyllum zebrinum

Bulbophyllum zebrinum J.J.Sm., Bull. Jard. Bot. Buitenzorg, sér. 2, 2 (1911) 17

Type: Bogor cult. (Lorentz Exp., Rachmat) s.n. (Noord stream) (holo BO, n.v.; iso L (flowers only))

Rhizome creeping, elongated, branched, terete; sheaths tubular. Pseudobulbs c. 1.75-2. cm apart, erect, ovoid, angular, distinctly 4-5-ribbed, c. 1.25-1.8 by 0.8-1 cm; 1-leaved. Leaf lanceolate-linear acute, c. 5.5-8 by 1-1.2 cm; base narrowed; margins recurved; midrib above grooved, underneath hardly prominent. Inflorescences several, erect, 1-flowered; peduncle filiform, c. 7.5 cm long, nodding; sheaths tubular, acuminate, keeled to the apex. Floral bract tubular, acuminate, 0.57 cm long, keeled to the apex. Flower rather large, c. 3.2 cm wide. Median sepal inserted between margins of the lateral sepals, erect, strongly recurved, ovate-lanceolate, acute, subulate-apiculate, convex, c. 1.5 by 0.5 cm. Lateral sepals widely patent, obliquely lanceolate, shortly conical-acuminate, slightly concave; dorsally somewhat convex, c. 1.7 by 0.56 cm; near the margin in front keeled; inside with crowded papillae. Petals very small, porrect, parallel, subhorizontal, concealing the column, obliquely oblong, convex, slightly falcate, acute, 0.34 by 0.13 cm; margin recurved. Lip mobile, in total 0.93 cm long; basal third oblong-obovate, fleshy, 0.14 cm wide, with 2 erect, parallel, reversed, rounded basal lobes which clasp the column-foot, at the back on either side with a small, conical, obtuse, glabrous callus, in front convex underneath, deeply grooved, laterally outside near the base muriculate-papillose; top part contracted in a long, porrect, linear, at the apex slightly recurved and slightly dilated, obtuse, convex, underneath grooved, 0.65 by 0.03 cm appendage. Column 0.15 cm long; stelidia subulate, somewhat longer than the anther; stigma obovate, deeply concave; column-foot making an almost straight to obtuse angle with the ovary, in the middle with a callus, distally transversely thickened and with a lobe on either side, 0.15 cm long. Anther cucullate, papillose, in outline quadrangular, c. 0.06 cm long; appendage large, wide, slightly recurved, rounded-truncate; thecae very small, connective between the thecae strongly elevated. Pollinia 4, tightly cohering in pairs, rounded-triangular, outside convex. Ovary 6-grooved, 0.2 cm long; pedicel thin, c. 2.3 cm long. (After Smith, 1913)

Colours: Pseudobulbs pale green. Leaf pale green, shining. underneath opaque. Peduncle pale green. Floral bract pale green. Median sepal ochrish, with crowded, longitudinal, dark purple stripes, shiny. Lateral sepals reddish-ochre, with 9 longitudinal, dark purple stripes; inside with crowded opaque, shiny papillae; dorsally somewhat shiny. Petals hyaline, median stripes and spots dark purple. Lip ; basal lobes dark purple; calli at the back white; terminal appendage purple, above dirty yellow. Column pale yellow and purple; column-foot pale yellow, apex dark purple. Anther pale green; thecae yellow with dark brown-margin. Pollinia somewhat translucent yellow. Pedicel and ovart pale green.

Habitat: Epiphyte in lowland forest; 400-1300 m.

Flowering time in the wild: January, March, April, June, July.

Distribution: Malesia (New Guinea).

Distribution in New Guinea: Papua (Indonesia); Papua New Guinea; see map 96-2013M.jpg.

Cultivation: Warm growing epiphyte.