Taeniophyllum dentilobum

Taeniophyllum dentilobum J.J.Sm., Nova Guinea 18 (1935) 81, pl. 16, fig. 55

Type: Docters van Leeuwen 10824 (holo L)

Stem short; roots elongated, strongly flattened, to more than 50 cm [‘1.2 cm’] long, 0.25-0.5 cm wide. Inflorescences very densely many-flowered, producing flowers for a long time; peduncle densely muriculate, 6.5 cm long, rachis thick-fleshy, densely muriculate, 3.4 cm long, across the bracts to 0.67 cm wide, internodes O.18 cm long. Floral bracts distichous, patent, when not flattened triangular, strongly concave, when flattened almost semi-orbicular, 0.25-0.3 cm long, the apical ones 0.1-0.17 cm long, abruptly subulate-acuminate, dorsally strongly muriculate, with the nerves dorsally prominent, on either side with a stipulaceous, long subulate, muriculate, sharply acute, 0.3-0.33 cm long appendage. Flowers opening at intervals, large, somewhat fleshy, 3.2 cm long. Sepals and petals divergent, patent. Median sepal narrowly lanceolate, 1.4 by 0.34 cm, obtuse, acutely conical-apiculate, concave, dorsally furfuraceous-spotted, with nodding spine-like outgrowths near the base, with 5 dorsally slightly thickened nerves. Lateral sepals narrowly obliquely lanceolate, 1.4 by 0.35 cm, obtuse, at the apex conduplicate-channelled, minutely apiculate, concave, dorsally furfuraceous-spotted and near the base minutely muriculate, 3-nerved, the outer ones at the base forked, dorsally slightly thickened, mid-rib especially towards the apex obtusely thickened. Petals obliquely lanceolate, narrowed towards the apex, narrowly obtuse, concave, dorsally near the base slightly muriculate, dorsally along the mid-rib obtusely thickened, 3-nerved, 1.35 by 0.35 cm. Lip long spurred, blade porrect, much surpassing the column, 3-lobed, with erect margins, strongly concave, at the apex slightly recurved, 11-nerved, fleshy, underneath in the middle sparsely furfuraceous-punctate, at the base with a longitudinal narrow concavity delimited by small acute keels, when flattened subovate, 1.2 cm long, to the tips of the lateral lobes 0.83 cm long, at the base 0.73 cm wide, across the lateral lobes 0.47 cm wide; free part of the lateral lobes minutely tooth-like, porrect, vertical, triangular, acute; mid-lobe swollen, conduplicate, in outline triangular, the sides inside convex-swollen, almost contiguous, at the apex laterally flattened-produced, obtuse, with sparsely obtusely denticulate margins, when almost flattened semi-elliptic, 0.4 by 0.43 cm, at the apex laterally flattened-conical-contracted; spur pointing backwards, making an acute angle with the ovary, thin laterally flattened-clavate, slightly sigmoid, at the apex slightly contracted, obtuse, 1.8 cm long. Column short, thick, at the apex slightly incurved, at the base conspicuously dilated, dorsally convex, without anther 0.26 cm long, to the apex of the rostellum 0.56 cm long; clinandrium contracted, in front on either side terminating in a rounded lobule, transversely elliptic; rostellum elongated, in front of the stigma deflexed, then porrect, distinctly surpassing the column, embedded in the concavity of the lip, linear, above and below channelled, with a small rib in the upper channel, at the apex bilobulate, the lobules laterally flattened and obtuse; stigma-lobes broad, short, rounded, incurved. Anther cucullate, rostrate, 0.15 cm wide, in front view transversely elliptic; beak elongated, oblong-triangular, apically strongly recurved, subobtuse. Pollinia obliquely subelliptic, 0.08 cm long; stipe very long, linear, at 2/3 above the base rectangularly incurved, at the apex spathulate-dilated, reflexed, duplicate-plate-shaped, when not flattened 0.48 cm long, inserted somewhat above the base of the viscidium; viscidium elongated, linear, 0.5 cm long, frontal part subulate, 0.06 cm long. Ovary curved, 6-grooved, minutely muriculate, 0.85 cm long. (After Smith, 1935)

Colours: Flower yellow, lip lighter.

Habitat: Epiphyte in lower montane forest; 900 m.

Flowering time in the wild: October.

Distribution: Malesia (New Guinea).

Distribution in New Guinea: Papua (Indonesia). See map: 676-59M.JPG.

Cultivation: Intermediate growing epiphyte.