Hymenorchis glomeroides

Hymenorchis glomeroides J.J.Sm., Nova Guinea 14 (1929) 495, pl. 83, 134

Type: Doorman 39, 40, 41 holo BO

Stem short, rooting, 2.25 cm long, leafy, internodes 0.2-0.25 cm long. Leaves about 10, widely patent, lanceolate-linear, narrowed towards the apex, somewhat wavy, at the base and apex serrulate, somewhat recurved, strongly channeled, rugose-verrucose, dorsally low keeled, thick fleshy, 1.2-2.4 cm long, when flattened 0.3-0.4 cm wide, apex bidentate, mucronate, mucro longer than the teeth; sheaths short, tubular, longitudinally verrucose, rugose, margin long twisted-fimbriate. Inflorescence from the nodes of the stem, pointing downwards, very short, densely many-flowered, peduncle somewhat thickened, 0.3 cm long, with a few tubular, verrucose, fimbriate scales, rachis very short, 0.3 cm long. Floral bracts facing all sides, patent, triangular, long subulate-apiculate, concave, keeled, lacerate, 0.28 cm long. Flowers about 11, delicate. Sepals and petals widely patent. Median sepal obovate, rounded, 3-nerved, 0.73 cm long, 0.48 cm wide, in apical part finely erose to serrulate, apiculate, concave, keeled, keel somewhat wavy and at apex apiculate. Lateral sepals broadly obliquely obovate-rhomboid, 3-nerved, about 0.7 cm long, 0.58 cm wide, broadly obtuse, erose, apex serrulate, somewhat concave, at the base and margins somewhat convex, keeled, keel somewhat wavy and apiculate. Petals obliquely cuneate-obovate, 3-nerved, 0.7 cm long, 0.53 cm wide, broadly obtuse, erose, concave, keeled, keel below apex apiculate. Lip consisting largely of the spur, in total 0.63 cm long; blade at the base adnate to the column, suborbicular, margin narrowly recurved, slightly wavy-erose, to the apex of the ovary 0.2 cm long; spur pointing downwards, making an acute angle with the ovary, oblong, slightly laterally compressed, 0.55 cm long, at mouth 0.2 cm across, apex in front somewhat rounded-inflated, at apex 0.08 cm high. Column short, thick, apex thickened, truncate, dorsally convex, including the anther 0.2 cm long, to the rostellum apex about 0.3 cm long, clinandrium hollow, broadly inverted urceolate. Anther cucullate, somewhat concave, triangular, 0.16 cm long, about 0.1 cm wide, in upper half obtusely recurved, acute, at the base truncate, in front of the locules on either side with a lobule. Rostellum conspicuous, triangular, divided into two obliquely oblong, triangular, acute teeth. Stigma large, prominent, suborbicular, margin raised. Ovary with pedicel 6-ribbed, furfuraceous, 0.9 cm long. (After Smith, 1929)

Colours: Flower white, lip with a green tip.

Habitat: Epiphyte in montane forest. Altitude 1500 m.

Flowering time in the wild: September, October.

Distribution: Malesia (New Guinea, endemic).

Distribution in New Guinea: Papua (Indonesia). See map: 375-3M.JPG

Cultivation: Intermediate growing epiphyte.